Information for Authors

In addition to the following information, authors should review About Writing Spaces. Authors might also be interested in Why Write for Writing Spaces.



Review our current CFP if thinking about a submission. 

Authors are welcome to submit proposals that are unrelated to the current CFP. The editors will review the proposal and consider it for later editions. Keep in mind that Writing Spaces is looking to publish instructional essays on writing. .

Chapter Style

Because each chapter is an essay, authors will want to strike a balance between instruction and creating a text that demonstrates excellent essay writing, with an appropriate and strong, engaging voice for a student audience. Some essays will provide students with good writing advice and strategies; others may exemplify the type of personal essay writing that presents perspectives which stimulate critical thinking and invigorating class conversations. Student voices and examples are encouraged (student permission required), and visuals can be included in the text.

Review Process

In the first stage of the review process, the editors of Writing Spaces will review all submitted proposals for a given CFP and notify submitters as to initial acceptance.

Once a proposal has been accepted, authors will work with editors to produce a first polished draft. This draft will be reviewed by members of the editorial board who will offer feedback and determine the extent to which the essays is ready for publication or whether and how much revision it needs.


When fair use rights do not apply, authors assume all responsibility for seeking permission for any creative work of another used within their texts. Regardless of whether or not fair use might apply, authors must seek releases from students for any of their work and for student quotes.

Permission release forms will be supplied by the Writing Spaces staff.

Licensing and Copyright

Authors will retain full copyright to their work. Because Writing Spaces is an open access textbook project, authors must agree to publish their work under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Authors also grant Writing Spaces non-exclusive rights to prepare and publish a print edition through Parlor Press. The printed edition will include the Creative Commons license and a PDF version of it will be available for download.

WS Author Guide

Much more information is available in the Writing Spaces Author Guide