But You Didn’t Answer the Bit about Facebook Notes

  • Posted on: 15 May 2011
  • By: admin

Ahh, Facebook. As you know, Facebook, is a social networking site—a virtual space that walls off “friends” from the rest of the Internet. Only those who you have “friended” will see your Facebook Notes unless you designate that the entire universe of Facebook “users” can read your Notes. In this respect, Notes are much like Internet blogs. Is it wise to allow all Facebook users the ability to read your Notes? As with all Internet writing, it depends on what you post, and what you want others to read. Therefore, be sure to read how to safeguard your privacy on Facebook, just as you would for any other kind of Internet activity.

Dennis Barron's Facebook Notes page.

Figure 2. Dennis Baron’s Facebook Notes. Facebook Notes are very similar to blogs, but are primarily intended to be read by friends on Facebook.

Facebook Notes are great so long as you are primarily interested in your friends seeing them and not worried about keeping your Notes private. One big advantage they have is that since everyone is already on Facebook, you might get a lot more of your friends reading your Notes than you would if you posted them on Twitter or a blog. The downside is that people who are not on Facebook (or not your friends on it) won’t be able to see your Notes, and search engines won't help people find your writing. It’s a trade-off.