But I Might As Well Be Color Blind!

  • Posted on: 16 May 2011
  • By: admin

If you thought the previous example of red text on blue background was cool, well it might be true (you might as well be color blind).

Even though most of us can tell that the awful color combination of text and background given in the previous section is a completely insane choice, it still can be difficult for us to work with colors effectively. A designer has to choose colors that are the right tone to support the mission or focus of the website. Most people know that blue (because of water) and green (because of plants) can symbolize life. Red can hint at anger or, ironically, love. Black blackground websites with some harsh red and white might have a Goth or Heavy Metal feel to them (no one wants their website to have a hair band feel—unless the website is for a hair band).

Now that you are writing for the web, you might also be expecting a global audience. Did you know that colors symbolize different meaning in other cultures? Check out Color Meanings by Culture at The International Business Edge. For instance in Japanese culture, red symbolizes life.

Beyond understanding symbolism, it can still be hard to come up with a color scheme of multiple colors that work well on a site. If your website has a primary logo or visual, one technique can be to use the color picker in an image editor to choose the colors that match with that logo or visual. Or if you still feel challenged in trying to pick out colors that go together in your design, Color Scheme Designer 3 and Color Schemer Online v2 can help you to come up with matching colors.