Free Image Editing Programs You Can Use

  • Posted on: 16 May 2011
  • By: admin

If you need an image manipulation program to crop or resize your visuals, don’t feel like you have to buy Adobe Photoshop. Almost any contemporary image program will work. In particular, there are free desktop graphics programs you can can download and install on your computer such as Paint.Net (Windows) and GIMP (Windows, Mac, Linux).

While not as powerful as Adobe Photoshop (the industry standard used by commercial photographers and graphic artists), these programs are more than sufficient for a new web writer/designer. Later on, should you have access to working with Adobe Photoshop, the skills you learn from GIMP or Paint.Net will transfer.

If you just need a one shot tool to do a quick resize or crop, or to reduce the size of a graphics file, and you don’t want to install a program, online graphic editing programs such as Aviary or pixlr are becoming more powerful and should work just fine.