You Are Now a Part of the Blogosphere

  • Posted on: 15 May 2011
  • By: admin

When first starting your weblog, you’ll have to develop your credibility and personality to attract readers. One way to do this is to use the writing by other influential and widely read bloggers as “research” and “sources” in your posts. Provide direct links in your posts to those other bloggers’ blogs. Such direct linking allows you to join the blogger community—the blogosphere—and will help to increase the visibility of your blog on the Web. Think about how good you’d feel if a fellow blogger linked to one of your posts and talked about how interesting or useful it was to them. Wouldn’t you be more likely to read that person’s blog and want to learn more about it?

Find your niche in the blogosphere. Services like Technorati or Google Blog Search can be used to find blogs that deal with the same topics you write about. Start reading those blogs. Bloggers often include sidebar links (called a blogroll) to other blogs of interest, often on similar topics. Then begin your participation:

  • Post comments in response to blog posts that interest you. When you add a comment, there’s usually a place to include your name and the web address of your blog, which will encourage that blogger and all her readers to click on your name and check out your website.
  • Make valid comments and not just requests for people to come to your blog. Nobody likes beggars and whiners: “Please come look at me blog!!!!!!” will hurt, not help, your chances of building an audience. On the other hand, if you make intelligent comments, others on the site may get curious about you and check out your stuff on their own.
  • You can also talk with other bloggers by responding to their posts with a blog post of your own. Be sure to include within your own post a link to the other blogger’s post. (Make sure to use the permalink to that individual post; you may also want to provide a link to the blog as a whole.)
  • As your list of blogs that you enjoy reading grows, consider adding a blogroll to your own blog. Just don’t start begging to be added to someone else’s or expect them to reciprocate: “I added you to my blogroll please do the same!!!” Again, begging and whining about stuff like this will only make you look sad and desperate.