What Will I Find in this Guide?

  • Posted on: 15 May 2011
  • By: admin

The Writing Spaces Web Writing Style Guide is organized into two major sections.

The first section Writing in the Genres of the Web is about the various places and communities in which you may find yourself writing on the web. These genres include blogs, wikis, and Twitter. Each genre has its own spaces, its own expectations, and its own communities. In the articles in this section you will find information about these various genres and advice about the best ways to write within them.

The second section, The Rhetoric of Web Pages looks at the rhetorical issues that surround writing for the web. Whether you are writing blog entries, wiki pages, or creating your own personal portfolio web site, you are creating web pages, and you will want to do more with these pages than slap up grey walls of text. This section contains advice about various rhetorical issues such as: managing your hyperlinks; using headlines to organize your pages; attending to visual issues such as layout, fonts, and graphics; understanding copyright issues; and a primer to HTML coding.