CFP: Writing Spaces Seeks Proposals for the 4th Volume

  • Posted on: 17 May 2011
  • By: admin

UPDATE: The CFP deadline has been extended until September 20th. 

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing is an open textbook series for composition seeking proposals for essays for our 4th volume.

Each Writing Spaces book contains peer-reviewed collections of essays, all composed by teachers for students, with each chapter available for free download from our website under a Creative Commons license. Volumes are also published in print--for sale--through our partner Parlor Press. With your participation, we hope that Vol. 3 (currently under review) and Vol. 4 will expand the online database of chapters to upwards of eighty different classroom texts for teachers to use.

While we would gladly review proposals on a wide range of topics, we do have some particular interests for this 4th volume:

1) The editors would like to publish multiple essays on visual rhetoric, multimodal and/or multimedia composing. We would be interested in seeing proposals that teach students how to do visual analysis or how to create texts across different digital genres (e.g., video and/or audio).

2) Thanks to those teachers who completed our recent survey, we also have a selection of topics that we would be especially interested in publishing:

  • revision strategies
  • argument analysis
  • writing within discourse communities
  • interpreting and implementing feedback from instructors and peers
  • understanding voice
  • language and literacy
  • composing effective paragraphs and sentences
  • writing for social change
  • writing in a specific genre
  • writing in a specific discipline

Of course, we are also interested in reviewing essays on other topics yet to be covered in Writing Spaces. Because some teachers expressed interest in this, we can also tell you that there are multiple manuscripts on rhetorical theory already under review for the 3rd volume.

If you haven't taught with Writing Spaces yet, be sure to familiarize yourself with the essays in the 1st and 2nd volume. Chapters in this collection could draw on personal experiences and include narrative writing. Student voices and examples are encouraged (student permission required), and original or credited visuals can be included in the text (permission required). Collaboratively written essays are also welcome.

Each proposal should be a 500 word abstract that clearly summarizes the proposed essay. Furthermore, abstracts should indicate whether or not and how student voices and/or visuals will be included. NOTE: Sometimes authors use part of the proposal to try to argue for the importance or need for the topic/approach for the chapter. Editors are best equipped to evaluate your proposal if you describe the chapter, as you intend to write it, in as much detail as possible. That's the best argument you can give for your text.

Proposals are due no later than September 1 20, 2011, and are to be submitted online via the Writing Spaces website as a .doc, .pdf, .rtf, or .odt file. Final submitted chapters will be approximately 4,000 to 6,000 words (no longer). Editors will review proposals by November 1, 2011, and will invite some authors to prepare manuscripts for editorial board review. The publication of the 4th volume is planned for December of 2012. More information for authors and a link to our submission form is available in the authors area of our website:

For more information about the Writing Spaces book series or other questions, please take a look at the materials on our website,, or contact the editors:

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing is published in partnership with Parlor Press and the WAC Clearinghouse.