List of Figures

  • Posted on: 21 May 2011
  • By: Jim Kalmbach

Figure 1. Writing professor Steve Krause’s blog. 

Figure 2. Dennis Baron’s Facebook Notes. 

Figure 3. Twitter limits you to 140 characters, so make every character count.

Figure 4. The @ and # have special meanings in Twitter.

Figure 5. Many wikis offer commenting features and encourage editors to discuss their work.

Figure 6. Submitting to Reddit is a straightforward process.

Figure 7. The Digg submission has an optional field for entering a description of the site.

Figure 8. Use Facebook’s search bar to find any existing groups dedicated to your topic.

Figure 9. Google Reader is a full-featured RSS reader.

Figure 10. A Google search shows that there are millions of untitled web pages.

Figure 11. An effective page title includes the topic of the page and the name of the blog or website.

Figure 12. Example from a web page of content organized into short paragraphs and subheaders.

Figure 13. Example from a web page of content organized into a list.

Figure 14. The standard WYSIWYG interface for WordPress.

Figure 15. The pull down menu allows the user to set whether a part of the text is a paragraph, heading, etc.

Figure 16. Once the “Heading 3” style is applied to “Can I Use Catchy Titles,” it appears newly formatted within the WYSIWYG editing window.

Figure 17. Examples of Serif Fonts.

Figure 18. Examples of Sans Serif Fonts.

Figure 19. Examples of typefaces from Google’s free webfont service.

Figure 20. It’s pretty easy to embed a YouTube video in your blog.

Figure 21. Look for “HTML” or “Source” in your WYSIWYG editor, and use it to paste in the video embed code.

Figure 22. Animated GIFs are no longer in style.

Figure 23. Wikipedia provides sources for its information in a Notes section at the end of this entry on plagiarism.

Figure 24. An example web page as viewed in a narrow and a wide window.

Figure 25. By using CSS, the paragraph width stays the same regardless of the browser window width.

Figure 26. Using a little CSS, we have changed the background color to black and the font color to white.