Constructing Scholarly Ethos in the Writing Classroom

  • Posted on: 1 April 2020
  • By: jdaniel-wariya
Series Edition: 
Vol. 3

Chapter Description

This essay offers a more robust definition of ethos than the typical definition of credibility to teach students more about ethos. I define ethos as the strategic positioning of the rhetor in relationship to the audience and/or community and then discuss four interrelated parts of ethos that can help students construct their scholarly ethos more effectively. The four parts— name your identity, commit to being a responsible writer, bridge gaps be- tween the writer and readers, and locate your perspective—all emphasize ethos as social, relational, and dynamic. The chapter focuses on using these parts of ethos as interrelated heuristics to help students understand and develop their ethos across a range of writing situations.

Kathleen J. Ryan
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