Hyperlinks Are the “Tubes” of the Internet

  • Posted on: 15 May 2011
  • By: admin

While U. S. Senator Ted Stevens’ metaphor of the Internet as a series of tubes (2006) is inaccurate, we can reasonably think of hyperlinks as the paths (or if you want to get sci-fi geeky: wormholes) through which we travel across the World Wide Web. Click a link and almost instantaneously you will move to a new page within a web site or—seemingly magically—to some new website hosted half way around the globe. In fact, the importance of hyperlinks cannot be overstated; there is no web without hyperlinks connecting one text to another (or more often, one text to many).

Thus, understanding how to create effective hyperlinks is important because when you create hyperlinks, you are adding your pages to the network called the World Wide Web. The following sections will help you to effectively use hyperlinks in your web writing.