Jazzing Up Your Web Pages: The Good, the Bad, or the UGLY?

  • Posted on: 16 May 2011
  • By: admin

If images, videos, and fonts are a good idea why not animated GIFs, Emoticons, and flashy things of all kinds? Why not just kick things up a notch with some moonwalking?

Yeah! That looks cool!!!

Figure 22. Animated GIFs are no longer in style.

But wait.

This handbook is all about the rhetoric. Does your flashy thing have a purpose? What will your reader/user think? Will they say, “This is so cool; I want to be just like this person”? Or will they say: “No way I am touching this flashy page with a ten foot pole” and move on as quickly as they can click the back button?

Each time you jazz up your web page, you need to think about your readers and about the values you are communicating to your readers.